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Santa Monica - A leisurely and carefree small town that was well-known from 1870 by the seashore vacation resort. Santa Monica means the tidal current intently…Los Angeles. Santa Monica is a Cyber-Look eyeglasses brand. Design, mold making, casting, soldering & plating are 100% produce by Japan. Durable and ultra-thin styles formulate a series of stylish eyeglasses. It suits for everybody.  Realized thoroughly the customers have withstood the pain by heavy weight & thick frames from generally eyeglasses. Santa Monica designs enlivens & ultra-thin eyeglasses. In addition the arc temples design makes to feel extends the rest dexterously but freely self-unique style. Santa Monica studied for many years, is for the purpose of providing the customer the best. We use pure titanium, beta titanium & sun-cobalt. Therefore, each Santa Monica eyeglasses are extremely dexterous, durably, are not easy to distort, will not makes skin sensibility. Each eyeglasses use titanium to coordinate the Japanese most advanced science and technology. Customers surely have an unrivaled sight and feeling fresh. The characteristics are ultra-light, elasticity and against sensitive.